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Vehicle Hazard Warning Sticker

Following any Road Traffic Collision there can be several Hazards that remain present on a vehicle that have not been eliminated, reduced or made safe. Use of handover forms are often more of a safeguard by emergency services than practically useful, they are often lost, discarded or end up in with the wrong person

Having been successfully used at several incidents, being well received by all the attending emergency services. The "©Vehicle Hazard Sticker" is a brilliant concept to support current handover processes following vehicle related incidents.

How many times do incident handover forms get lost or end up in the wrong hands, with the compliment of the "©Vehicle Hazard Sticker" the actions taken by the rescue agencies to make the vehicle safe can be recorded in a basic format for all to see post incident. From other emergency responders to recovery agents and Police vehicle examiners etc

Stickers are available as an individual A5 waterproof sticker or in rolls of varying amounts, with an adhesive back and Matt finish.

The original design has now been developed further, there are now two variants available, contact Palm Print for further information - see below.


You can add your own service or company Logo, Badge or Emblem 

Also available in different Languages


For further details please email  - 

To order directly see details below or via their website

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Vehicle Hazard warning sticker
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